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Colloidal gold

It rejuvenates, regenerates skin, relieves stress and promotes memory.

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Natural antidepressant

It is a substance that can create a direct link with vital life force and also plays an important role in human mental development. Colloidal gold has a balancing and harmonizing effect at all levels of the body, mind and consciousness. It is used to improve mental level and emotional state. Feelings of increased energy, will, attention and libido have been recorded.

Brain Stimulator

What can colloidal gold do?

The information flow in the body is mainly based on the flow of electrically charged particles. If a person is sick and the transmission of energy is blocked, these blockages of energy need to be unlocked and removed, the flow of energy restored and put back in balance. This will kick off the recovery process.
Colloidal gold helps to stimulate particular brain fleas. It balances the trigger mechanisms that affect the activity and response of the individual glands. It is among metals with the highest electrical conductivity and precisely thanks to this improves the flow of internal energy, especially along the spine. Gold is not just a "catalyst" of internal energy, but also the management of these energy flows.

Gold is long known for its direct action on cardiac activity and for improving blood circulation. It is beneficial for the regeneration of stagnating organs, special brain and digestive tract, is used in cases of blockage of glands and nerves and in poor coordination.

According to many studies, colloidal gold increases the level of attention and ability of concentration.

Since 1885, the US has known the ability of gold to heal the heart and to improve blood circulation. And gold is still being enjoyed to treat arthritis since 1927. (inflammation of the joints).

External Application Application

  • Cleans and regenerates skin
  • Promotes young looking skin
  • Improves skin condition and elasticity
  • Helps to reduce the number of fine wrinkles

Use in internal applications

  • Supports brain function
  • Memory has a soothing effect that helps relieve stress, anxiety, depression
  • Reduces joint pain and arthritis
  • Enhances the agility for better performance at work, school, sport and other activities that require focus, strong motor skills, concentration
  • Used in the treatment of chemical and drug addics, including caffeine, alcohol, narcotic drugs and sugar/carbohydrates
  • Helps with pancreas disfunction

Recommended dosage

Gold is a pure natural mineral that is no-toxic, there are no known interactions with other drugs, no harmful side effects and is well tolerated by the human organism.

Colloidal gold is effective already at minimum doses!!!!

The recommended daily dose varies according to individual needs. The typical daily dose is 1 teaspoon in the morning and 1 evening. Attention! Not to meet other metal, suitable to use glass, plastic and other alternative.

The colloidal gold is absorbed by mucous membranes and is used in fasting 15-20 minutes before meals and after taking 15-20 minutes, do not eat or drink. Colloidal gold is most effective when used regularly every day.

Modern medicine and colloidal gold

Colloidal gold is an application in allopathic medicine for the treatment of arthritic and rheumatic conditions, cases of multiple sclerosis, malfunctions of sexual function (both men and women) and also for endocrine problems and nerve disorders. Gold has soothing properties without being influenced by the nerves themselves.

Colloidal gold and addiction problems

In the last century, gold was used to treat alcoholic addictions. Older studies have shown that the benefits of gold have led to a significant reduction in dependence. Patients who are addicted to medicines, tobacco, or food can therefore significantly reduce their problem due to this unique characteristics of gold.

Gold activates and harmonises the endocrine system, leading to the calming of the nervous system and activating internal energy. This leads to an overall improvement in the internal settings and feeling.

Scientific by around E.H. Ochsnera found that colloidal gold helps reduce the size of tumors, reduces pain, improves appetite and digestion and helps patients increase weight and strength.


Protect from direct sunlight and frost. Colloidal gold should be packaged in glass and dark bottles for long-term efficiency and proper functioning and should be stored as far away as possible from magnetic fields. If you have used a glass bottle for colloidal gold once, just use it for this product. It also applies to all colloids.


Gold is a distant symbol of the sun. Therefore, even the coloid of gold has with us the name of the tonic sun. It has soothing effects. In a pilot study, colloidal gold was found to have been active during one day to reduce pain and swelling of joints without side effects, increased the feeling of satisfaction in the exercise of activities and reduced fatigue in 8 out of 10 patients suffering from long-lasting RA.

Interesting Facts 2

There is a special gland in the human body – epiphysis.

This gland is located almost in the middle of the head and is a significant factor in our consciousness and subconscious mind. Epiphysis has degenerated from its original size (approx. 3 cm diameter) to today's size (approx. Length 5-8mm, Width 3-5mm and weight 80-500mg). Today, this gland is perceived as an "eye" which is allowed to see electromagnetic fields located in another frequency area. If we again "teach" the ability to drive energy through the epiphysis, we will regain the ability to detect the surrounding electromagnetic fields and improve our intuition. In most people, there is insufficient energy to flow through this area of the brain because it is blocked. The result can therefore be that we perceive the surrounding realities in a very limited way. We believe that gold can activate the pineal system.


The product is not intended for people who are allergic to gold! In the European Union, colloidal gold is not yet listed in the list of permitted supplements.

Taking on your own responsibility.

Referencie od spokojných zákazníkov

"Hello friends, I attach my skusenost with the silver colloid LaMond the world of colloids. Koloidne silver me momentalne lieci enough zavazny problem, in the nose I had a golden Staphylokoka, the regular uzivanim I improved it by 90%, I am it for about a month and in the treatment I'm in. Dalsi moj Long-term problem was the moluska of the throat, I smiled at it squirt the coloid of silver and I was surprised at how it quickly ucinkuje, the Moluska had started Susit, itchy, still is este in the stadia of healing. I share it, it is very comfortable with the alternative to the LIECBA. The colloid of silver Uzivam I Vnutorne, therefore I decided to treat to join also a coloid of gold. I'm a Nadsen and Vdacna, from MoJ problem already almost is not. The treatment of the classic medicine, the Doctor I was Doporucena, I did not give me a suitable for MNA, because on the Staphylokoka I deploy the antibiotic and the Moluska is removed by the lystic in which there is a hole and strhava it. It's painful and doesn't seem to come back. Musim to speak of the MoJ son, it had a shadow, to him, he shudked, very evil skusenost, when you see as a vase of the diet Trpi. But the molusks were thrown out. This is NASA's skusenost. Pekny den Wish😉 "

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