Najčastejšie otázky: klikni na otázku dostaneš odpoveď

1. Can I use a flute that I have already bought at home or used from another product, if I wash it thoroughly

  • We recommend that you do not use any other bottles for storing or further using colloidal products. 
  • Also do not recommend the pit directly from the bottle
  • Do not put anything in the bottle (sticks, tampons, straw, etc.)
  • The best or nothing else to do not directly into the bottle

2. I feel sick, malaise, hurts me head… About me so it does not kill/Is it all right?

  • Yes. When the body is deprived of toxic substances, it may occur that different flu-like symptoms, such as headaches, joint aches and muscles, overall body pain, sore throat, etc. are temporarily present. In this case, the colloidal silver works properly. It is called Herxheimer reaction, which is a detoxitive reaction of the body. Such a treatment can be minimised by drinking more clean water during the day to help clean the body from toxins, or to reduce the dosage after consulting the dealer. 

3. At what temperatures can I store colloids?

  • Protect from direct sunlight.
  • More ideal is the temperature from 7 to 25 degrees. Do not place in a refrigerator.
  • Excessive coolness (below 0)-can cause the time to freeze and thereby impair the coloid. Completely freezing the product causes the originally dispersed particles to fall to the bottom.

4. Can colloids be taken with medicinal products?

  • Yes. You can take colloidal silver at the same time with ATB:) According to the scientific study, they have no negative effect, even the colloidal silver can support several ATB in treatment more strongly:) By making both gold and silver spalitic metals, which means that they are not easily treated with other substances and do not form compounds with them, so they do not interact with medicines, herbs, or other supplements.

* (ATB-antibiotics)

5. Can I take all the colloidal products together?

  • Yes. You can take them all at once without any interaction, just need to leave the distance between each carousel for about 10-15 minutes, until the next one.
  • For example-I enjoy a dose of colloidal silver, wait 10-15 minutes and then I enjoy colloidal zinc, etc.

6. Do I have to recharge colloidal products?

  • Not. Colloidal products do not need to be swallowed as other types of medicines.

7. Can a colloidal silver disrupt the intestinal microflora?

  • In a healthy individual, the small intestine contains a number of beneficial bacteria from the Acidofilus strain, which successfully destroys the yeast, and in which case colloidal products should have no negative effects.
  • In a less healthy individual that can have a larger amount of yeast and a smaller amount of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract, (these Bektairie acidofilus should be from time to time supplemented by the use of supplements with their contents) the potential risk of colloidal silver may contribute to a slight disturbance of intestinal microflora.
  • Thus, anything with antibiotic bases used over a longer period can potentially destroy beneficial intestinal flora and thus allow yeast growth.
  • Therefore, we recommend that colloidal silver be used in smaller quantities and more often so that the particles do not get into the intestinal tract.

8. Can colloidal products also take animals? 

  • Yes. Colloidal products are commonly administered to both domestic and large animals for many infections. 
  • Possible to squirt directly on the wound, but also pour into a bowl of water.

9. What is colloid?

  • Colloid is a substance made of solid particles dispersed in a solution that do not settle.