"Thank you for the great quality of colloidal silver that helped me remove the nitric cough from the lungs. And after a variety of checks, as well as after the control of CT my pharmacist said that my lungs are completely clean, as a 20 year old youngster and me for at least 10 years will not see the lung Depar🙂tment once again and I almost forgot about the "crumb" already on the third day after inhalations of silver, The good for me has vanished cough! 😉  "

By Rastislav Hipp

"With colloidal silver from LaMond world of colloids I have excellent experience. As soon as I feel that it starts to scraper in the throat, they sprayed during the day a few times into the throat and before the disease begins to develop, it is gone. I bought a inhaler as well. It is very good for me to benefit from inhalation of silver during rhymes. It accelerates my healing. I highly recommend! "

"Hello friends, I attach my skusenost with the silver colloid LaMond the world of colloids. Koloidne silver me momentalne lieci enough zavazny problem, in the nose I had a golden Staphylokoka, the regular uzivanim I improved it by 90%, I am it for about a month and in the treatment I'm in. Dalsi moj Long-term problem was the moluska of the throat, I smiled at it squirt the coloid of silver and I was surprised at how it quickly ucinkuje, the Moluska had started Susit, itchy, still is este in the stadia of healing. I share it, it is very comfortable with the alternative to the LIECBA. The colloid of silver Uzivam I Vnutorne, therefore I decided to treat to join also a coloid of gold. I'm a Nadsen and Vdacna, from MoJ problem already almost is not. The treatment of the classic medicine, the Doctor I was Doporucena, I did not give me a suitable for MNA, because on the Staphylokoka I deploy the antibiotic and the Moluska is removed by the lystic in which there is a hole and strhava it. It's painful and doesn't seem to come back. Musim to speak of the MoJ son, it had a shadow, to him, he shudked, very evil skusenost, when you see as a vase of the diet Trpi. But the molusks were thrown out. This is NASA's skusenost. Pekny den Wish "